Arch. DI Bettina Brunner, DI David Birgmann, Arch. DI Rainer Kasik, DI Max Nirnberger, DI Lorenz Prommegger

x architekten is a group of committed architects who develop conceptual positions on contemporary architecture through project-related work. As a mathematical variable, x stands for openness. x demands the plural: the team with its flat hierarchy replaces the professional profile of the architect as lone fighter. The dynamics of a permanent work process oscillating between creativity and (self-) criticism permit the emergence of a quality standard above the capacities of each single member. The activities of x architekten comprise the full range from housing and office construction, buildings for industry and commerce, shopping and entertainment projects to design and urbanism.


Millergasse 13
1060 Wien
Tel: 01 958 20 22
Email: wien@xarchitekten.at