Najjar & Najjar Architects

Karim Najjar, Rames Najjar

Najjar & Najjar Architects is a studio for architecture, planning and design led by the brothers Karim and Rames Najjar. Their studio was established in Vienna Austria, in 1999. Since then it was making its name with highly original work. The designs are not only architecturally innovative and visually striking, but are also pieces of highly functional equipment - inspired by both nature and technologies transferred from other industries.
The scope of its work includes design of buildings, interiors, exhibitions and bridges and yachts.
Research is a vital ingredient for the practice and a balance between experimental and real projects is kept in order to remain at the cutting-edge of the field.
The work has found recognition in a considerable number of magazines, newspapers and books, furthermore a number of the works was displayed in various acknowledged art galleries and museums in Europe and overseas. In 2007 the practice received the “best architects 07” award.


Najjar & Najjar Architects
Seidlgasse 41/5A
1030 Wien
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